The design company, based on Seoul

Specialized in , UI / UX / BX / Prototyping.

Design company, ordo 

We are design studio  and consulting group "ORDO". We have been creating GUI designs for web and application platforms since we were established in October 2018, and we are diversified from the experience of many flu projects such as government agency business, national support founding cooperation business, overseas corporation business. .. It is a design studio that has proceeded with nearly 60 design projects for about two years. It is possible to flexibly progress the project according to the needs and requirements of various projects.

We have identified the requirements of your project, proposed solutions, applied the results and promoted a flexible and successful execution of your design project. We aim to build a new digital environment from the "untact" era based on design issues in various fields such as UX, UX, BX, IX, design consulting, and usability evaluation by prototyping.

We are also a design specialist company belonging to the Korea Institute of Design Promotion, and are a registered member of the Korea Industrial Design Association.

We think communicating is the most important thing before creating anything.
We want to hear what you want. We are not unilaterally proud. Believe please.
Good design is born when you can empathize with each other.

디자인 & 컨설팅 그룹 ‘오르도’입니다. 2018년 10월 설립부터 웹,앱 플랫폼의 GUI 디자인을 제작하였으며, 정부기관사업, 국가지원 창업협력 사업, 해외 법인 사업 등 다수의 프로젝트 경험에서 다양성을 띄고 있습니다. 약 2년간, 60건에 가까운, 디자인 프로젝트를 진행하였습니다. 다양한 프로젝트의 니즈와 요구에 맞춰서 탄력적으로 프로젝트 진행이 가능합니다.

프로젝트의 요구 사항 파악 및 해결점 제안, 적용하며 디자인 프로젝트의 유연하고 성공적인 수행을 진행하였습니다.  UX, UX, BX, IX,  디자인 컨설팅, Prototyping을 통한 사용성 평가 등, 다양한 분야의 디자인 과업에 기반하여  ‘언택트’ 시대에서 새로운 디지털 환경을 구축하는 것을 목표로하고 있습니다.  

또한 한국디자인진흥원  소속 디자인 전문회사이며, 한국산업디자인협회 정회원사로 등재되어있습니다.

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